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AYUDAR is a trading company that is engaged in both National and International trading activities. We are a government recognized organization, engaged in dealing of different types of commodities spread across the wide diaspora. We specialize in trading of Agro-based products, Leather products and Textile products. Our main motive to enhance the system of Trading by providing the state of art services, building customer trust relationship, providing quality products with precise timing.



India is a leading manufacturer of garments in the world. We export high end fashion with good quality garments.Our main export apparels are cotton t-shirts, shirts, Pullovers, baby garments. Our main goal is to acquire full customer satisfaction.


We are leading manufacturer and exporter of genuine leather and leather products mainly wallet ,belts ,leather bags ,card/passport holder which is perfect in finish,quality,shine and glossy appearance.We mainly use nappa cow leather,buffalo leather of finest quality,italian leather fabrics in our products under quality control.



Potato is one of the major consumable vegetable of the world and India is the largest producer of it. It also have Industrial uses like production of starch, alcohol, dextorin, glucose and etc. They are rich source of starch ,vitamins C and B1. We export different varieties of potatoes mainly surya, 3797, badshah. We procure fresh potatoes directly from farms in Uttar Pradesh .


Garlic is one of the well known crop which have high demand globally due to its various uses. It is known by various names globally, among which few are alho, knoblauch, poondoo, ail, aglio, katiem, knoflook, lasun, chesnok, gratiem, and lehsun. It is a vital spice used in dishes as well as in herbs. It is the most recommended crop to cure many human ailments like headache, flu, heart disease, common cold, cancer. Indian garlic is worldwide famous because of its aroma and sweetness. We deal in different varieties of garlic especially Hansa.


Demand of indian onion is increasing day by day and we are leading exporter of fresh red and white onion which is procure directly from farmers which is pleasant in fragrance , taste and available in different sizes are 30-45mm ,55mm and 60+mm in different packaging as per buyers.


We are exporting basmati and non basmati rice in different varieties namely 1121 sella basmati ,IR 64 ,brown rice,pussa ,paraboiled rice that is pleasant in fragrance, superfine in quality with extra long grain.


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